Orgasm and the cervix

Nov 5, - If you haven't heard of the cervical orgasm, you're not alone. “Cervical orgasms are lesser-known than clitoris or G-spot orgasms because they're not as common—or not as commonly recognized,” says Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., author of The New Sex Bible. While there's no scientific data on how many. How to Have a Cervical Orgasm - Best Positions for Cervical Orgasm Suzanne. Age: 20. Gf6 at it's best It may also prevent cervical cancer and other medical issues around the cervix; there is no evidence on this but it definitely moves some stagnant energies. In other words, there are a few other mechanisms throughout the body that could potentially produce a so-called cervical orgasm, and not much medical evidence either way. Jul 29, - Did you know? Orgasms can transport you to another state of consciousness! An awe-like state that almost makes you forget yourself! We are talking about cervical orgasm. The cervix lies within. It's the deep center of the vagina or what Kim Anami calls the “gateway of life”. In Taoist reflexology the cervix is. Tia. Age: 25. My best features: long legs, full lips and beautiful hair. What Is A Cervical Orgasm And How Do You Achieve It? No information is available for this page. Aug 10, - REACHING a cervical orgasm is not as complicated as it sounds.

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Mercedes. Age: 27. with truelly quality time and unforgetable moments Not every orgasm is built the same. Discover how to achieve a cervical orgasm that will leave you wanting more. with Durex ultimate guide. Read online now. Dec 23, - Hello there gals,. I'm a sexual health educator in Victoria Canada very interested in getting your professional opinion on the concept of the "Cervical Orgasms." I've had questions from men about this and some women seem to think they are happening. I know they play a part in orgasm but can we create a. Mar 10, - Have you ever had a cervical orgasm or know what it is? Find out how to achieve one with this trick. Sexual intercourse and orgasm are two beautiful things that all women should enjoy these days. Commonly referred to as the full body orgasm, the cervical orgasm represents the ultimate pleasure, the.


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