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Oct 8, - Yes. I have, fairly often, and I know many other women who have. But as several people have noted, this comes down to a question of definitions. From Types of Orgasms: > Simple orgasm: A single “peak,” typically including pelvic spasms in How much time do women want men to last before orgasm and how. How to Make A Woman Orgasm In Under 5 Minutes Ruth. Age: 24. I especially enjoy giving erotic tantra massage which is a most beautiful experience ... If you havnt tried it out, you should ! Give it a try then report back in the comments section. But, at the risk of being the killjoy, I must share a secret: Sep 4, - MAN: Shifts technique or goes into overdrive, and woman asks him to slow down. MAN: Slows down. Five seconds of mild positive response later, nothing. MAN: Feels like a dog trying to open a door with no thumbs. WOMAN: Gently stops his increasingly erratic attack after 10 minutes. Best case scenario. Kya. Age: 20. Hi there! How to Have a 15-Minute Female Orgasm T. h e 4- H our. B ody. AN UNCOMMON GUIDE TO RAPID FAT-LOSS, INCREDIBLE SEX, AND BECOMING SUPERHUMAN Timothy Ferriss CROWN ARCHETYPE NEW YORK littlm-umontreal.info vii 10/12/10 PM For my parents, who taught a little hellion that marching to a different drummer was a. Feb 15, - If you take pride in the quality of your lady's climax, then read on. Usually a woman's orgasm lasts around 15 seconds at best but, according to American sexperts Alan and Donna Brauer, it's possible to extend those sought-after shudders for as long as half an hour. The Brauers' Extended Sexual Orgasm.

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Penelope. Age: 23. I was born in Siberia Andrew Keen interviews Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body. Keen On is a video series on TechCrunch. Mar 22, - This video is 18+. It discusses subjects of an erotic nature. It Does not contain any foul language, nudity pornographic images. (So if you're under 18 your. Oct 29, - What's the key to a longer orgasm? Or even, dare I dream, a really long, mind-blowing, even a tantric orgasm? I've heard of these minute orgasms, like some adult fairytale passed from person to person, so I finally did the research and the one thing it all seems to come down to is: patience. That's right, if.


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