Why is my sperm clumping together

Oct 7, - (1) Dear Alice,. I tried looking for an answer to my question in the archives, but didn't find one. What I want to know is if it is normal that my boyfriend's semen has clumps (I don't know how else to describe it) in it? The semen has never been clumpy before, but the last time I gave him a blowjob, the semen. Gelatine lumps in semen • Men's Sexual Health Q&As Alicia. Age: 23. I am Naturally busted 40FF bbw (Big Beautiful Women) I am a voluptuous size 18's with all my curves in the right places! Categories Recent Discussions Activity. Ty for clearing this up as I have the same issue and was rather concerned 9 14 Answered by mercer member of the public 25th August edited 4th Dec Sperm agglutination occurs when the body's immune system recognizes its own sperm as foreign and deploys sperm antibodies to fight it. The antibodies attach themselves to the sperm forcing them to clump together. When the sperm are coated by the antibodies, their mobility becomes reduced and their receptors, which. Riva. Age: 24. I'm Bunny, one of the mature and new providers here Invalid URL our dr sent my DH (dear husband) for a sperm analysis/count and they told us that his sperm are clumping and referred him to urologist. Anybody Vitamin C (1,mg/day): Lack of this antioxidant can cause sperm to clump together, obviously not ideal behavior for sperm when you're trying to littlm-umontreal.infog - Sperm Clumping. Dec 11, - I have recently noticed small gelatin looking lumps in my sperm, and a decrease in the projectile, flow of sperm when ejaculation occurs the lumps look like the silicon pieces you get in those stay fesh packets. I am 38 thanks for any help. This topic is answered by a medical expert.

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Henrietta. Age: 19. I am thus frank and natural offering my privacy ... I expect you to be respectful of that in advance thank you and see you soon! 4 days ago - Hi. I am a very healthy 24 year men. I have a girlfriend for over than two years and we are having sex very regularly. Two days ago she has noticed that I have some clumps in my semen. I insured her that she wasn't right and she probably imagined this. May 21, - Question. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for five years. We have had four failed attempts at treatment. They now tell us that my husband has 'clumping' of his sperm. Please could you tell me what we can do to help this? Does cooling the scrotum work? We are prepared to try anything. May 24, - Hi, i'm a 40 year old male and have a sperm/testical question maybe someone can answer for me, i've noticed for the past several yrs when ejaculation my sperm has solid chunks which looks like harden jelly particles mixed with my sperm.


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