Ways to piss people off

Give people the wrong time when they ask Stare at people when they walk by Take those cardboard tubes you get in paper towels & toilet paper and use it to look at things Say "Are you sure?" to everything When someone asks you a question, reply with "Meemeep meep meep " Yell "FIRE!" randomly in a public. 69 Ways to Piss People Off Krissy. Age: 21. When I let my inhibitions run free Oh my gosh, look. Mar 4, - There are just so, SO many ways to piss a person off that you may have never considered. So, learn from my mistakes and with the help of this list, you View "5 Subtle Ways to REALLY Piss Someone Off" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. Marissa. Age: 26. College student in need of a little extra help I’ve Learned How To Piss People Off — And You Should, Too 1 way a day. ways to piss people off ✨. ways. pisspeopleoff. shawnmendes. shawnpeterraulmendes. ways. Recent Comments; Table of Contents; Details. Link to Comment; Report Comment. Jul 28, - Join Jay P Morgan and me as we share 5 ways to piss people off on social media.

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Alessandra. Age: 29. beautiful english girl.... 99 Ways to Piss Someone Off. 1. mumble when you speak 2. call them every five minutes "just to say hi." 3. spread filthy rumors about them 4. put vaseline all over their locker 5. get a porno mag and put a fake adress sticker on it with their name displayed prominently. Drop it in the mall, the parking lot, etc etc 6. give them. No information is available for this page. Jan 10, - As a child, my favorite word was “No.” As an adult, it's only slightly changed to “Hell no.” Although this stubbornness has pissed people off, and continues to do so, I've come to learn that it is often absolutely necessary in order for me to obtain even the slightest bit of sanity. And in this new year, I've decided.


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