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Mar 6, - Treat it like a frightened, one-eyed gazelle. But there's a third group, a group of men who don't know how to feel about their butt getting touched or having you get all up in there. That's the same for women, sure, save for do you like butt stuff?" Or, "Hey, do you want to try butt stuff and see if you like it? Error (Too Many Requests) - Quora Morgan. Age: 23. I am a very attractive and fun hot tub hottie ready to splash around! I want to show off my tinie bikinis and sexy high heals Bar of the week: Apr 19, - But still, putting a finger into a man's bum can seem taboo because people still believe that any form of anal play says something about your sexuality To open the conversation around anal play, we spoke to six different men to see what they thought of their own bum-fingering experiences, whether they. Jayda. Age: 20. Helo guys We asked six guys whether they like a finger up the bum Jul 30, - The first is a firm massage. You may not know about the taint, but perhaps you know about the testicles. Men like to have their balls touched. Preferably cupped, firmly, and slightly lifted. Stroke them downwards, tugging gently. Do this a few times, then shift your fingers backwards to the taint. Still holding his. Sep 13, - The perineum is that rough patch of skin located between your man's testicles and his anus. For many men, this is the third most sensitive spot on their body after their testicles and penis. You can stimulate it in a number of different ways. One way is to gently press it with your fingers. Another is to softly rub.

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Heidi. Age: 24. If your seeking a thrill then seek No More Jun 7, - Why are men so afraid of their own backside: The Guyliner asks real menwhy they do and don't experiment with a anal. exam (and they're never looking for good news and fun times up there, are they?) most men have never experienced what it's like to turn that one way street into a dual carriageway. I would love it, but some men might not like it at all, some might have a stigma against it. I think if you wan to try it while giving him a BJ, start by massaging the balls then moving slowly towards his ass, if he asks you to stop then stop, but if he likes the feeling he will likely let you continue. permalink; embed. Mar 15, - How can I encourage him to explore, and how should I touch his taint and bum, if he's cool with it? As you've discovered, anal play can be a ton of fun! your guy isn't a caveman himself, he's still a part of a society that's pretty sex negative, especially when it comes to straight guys and their buttholes.


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