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Nov 19, - 'We don't know in long duration space flight whether cosmonauts or astronauts masturbate and relieve their sexual tension that way,' Dr Victor Schneider, chief physician for the Nasa/Mir mission, told the study's author. 'As long as they do it in private, it's a potential relief of sexual problems that may have. Error (Too Many Requests) - Quora Dorothy. Age: 20. it Never even thought about that. Aug 5, - No space agency has confirmed any sexual activity in space. I refuse to believe it hasn't Originally Answered: Do astronauts masturbate in space? Moreover, NASA has to have been curious about what weightlessness can do to a male's sperm astronauts allowed to masturbate in space? How do they take. Kacey. Age: 26. my name is melissa, young blonde czech girl with real photos (not like others which use fake photos from alena shishkova and other models:d). I am companion for gentlemen which seeking for girls which are intelligent, funny, beautiful and with great attitude. I love beeing companion and it is very easy to see it. If you need more info or photos, visit my website or contact me via mail/phone. Are astronauts allowed to masturbate during missions? Mar 30, - Imaginations were set aflame in when it was reported that Jan Davis and Mark Lee, two astronauts who went to orbit aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor, had secretly married nine months prior to their mission. The deployment of husband and wife on the same mission was a first for NASA—the space. NASA discourages masturbation in space because of the health risks of zero-gravity sperm. The incident is deeply embarassing for all space agencies involved. 'This is definitely not something we condone,' said Kirk Walker, NASA spokesperson, 'We won't point fingers at individual astronauts while the investigation is.

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Kortney. Age: 24. 2h 240e Nov 9, - Astronaut Scott Kelly inside the Cupola, a special module in the International Space Station that provides a degree view of Earth. Kelly retired as an astronaut in , shortly after the end of his year-long mission, but NASA continues to monitor his health. .. Do astronauts masturbate in space? Ha! Jan 24, - Unless a former astronaut shows up and can confirm that it would somehow be a taboo thing to bring with them, how can we conclude that they wouldn't be allowed to bring one? NASA isn't a bunch of giggling 12 year olds that would go, "ewww a Dildo". Unless there's a technical risk aspect they would just. Masturbation and the Milky Way has form. One Russian cosmonaut interviewed by Mary Roach, author of 'Packing for Mars', admitted to 'making sex in space by hand' and NASA astronaut Ronald Garan Jr. has been quoted as saying that wanking in space is within the 'realm of what is possible' with the ISS offering.


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