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This seems strange with the Finnish sauna culture in mind. And it is true that inside and outside of the sauna people are naked - how else could you wash yourself? For Finns going to a sauna is the same as taking a bath or shower. But nudity is only usual in your own family. Since many Finnish saunas are not too close to. Nudist beaches in Helsinki - Angel. Age: 30. Ciao For Finns going to a sauna is the same as taking a bath or shower. Juhannus is when Finnish mosquitoes will suck your blood dry but will never steal your Midsummer joy. Jun 19, - ON MY FIRST JUHANNUS NINE YEARS AGO, I participated in Finland's summer exodus, riding in the car for five hours with my wife's (then girlfriend's) Finnish family, traveling from Helsinki to Central Finland. To pass the time, my in-laws sang several Finnish national songs. Inspired by the fierce patriotism. Jada. Age: 20. I am a tall and fit blonde who takes great pride in her appearance Naturism / nudism in Finland Aug 16, - Finland is probably the country in the world where it's most common to be naked. Nov 23, - These days, upon our summer visits to the States, my two-year old half-Finnish son spends almost the entire time nude. Down at the river or at the family barbeque, he's running around peeing in the grass and enjoying the warm sunshine on his butt. But of course, all we get is strange looks from shocked.

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Klara. Age: 27. Si hablo espanol Nov 12, - who needs clothes?! ;D friend me! tweet me! - I have a G+ now! - Jun 13, - Read the article about this by U.S. author Mark Storey in NUDE & NATURAL quarterly magazine (autumn issue: Mar 16, - Maybe it's something in the water, but when Ute Junker heads overseas her clothes seem to fall away with her inhibitions.


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