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It's possible that the fact that “Ken” is a name or nickname in both Japanese and English may have had something to do with it. Ken is the short form of Kenneth in English, while Ken in Japanese is part of names like Kentaro, Kennosuke, Kenichi, e. Ken name meaning Maia. Age: 23. Heyy I'm Jeanie! This was traditionally a name for the fourth son. Feb 8, - This is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Ken. Mae. Age: 28. Hi guys I'm Michelle very down to earth smart intelligent open minded free spirited and very attractive Ken in Chinese English Meaning: The name Ken is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Ken is: Royal obligation. Abbreviation of names beginning with 'Ken-'. KEN in Chinese, with calligraphy - Name Translation • Chinese Tools Chinese Online Tools ☆ Chinese Names, English-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-English Online Bible, etc.

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Abby. Age: 29. We might both find that our encounter might be beyond expectations and it will become over years a precious memory. I think Ken is more of a Japanese thing. I Know of 2 Kens both mixed race partially Japanese and usually the name is longer in Japanese. Kentashiku or something like that Your'e on the light(sorry,right) track, Mari. Ken is a popular beacuse it's a abbreviated version of. Japanese. “Those states aren't like the rest of the country. They didn't even make the MidAutumn Moon Festival a state holiday.” Ken nodded. “But I think it's better now since the race riots. They even elected a Chinese mayor in Pekin, Illinois.” “Oh, good,” Garth muttered. “How fitting.” “At least you have an English given name,” said. Kenneth Choi, Actor: The Wolf of Wall Street. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Choi dreamed of becoming an actor. Against his family's wishes, Choi left college to pursue that dream. He literally ran away from home, cutting all ties with his family for 5 years to train and study before moving to Los Angeles. His dream.


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